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What You Should Know When Buying in a Planned Community

September 12, 2019

What You Should Know When Buying in a Planned Community

Moving into the perfect planned community is very similar to moving into the perfect neighborhood. It's important to do research and look into all the different aspects of each community and find the one that suits your needs and wants the best. There are a variety of communities with their own beauty, pros and cons, but there are a few things to know about planned communities in general!


Manufactured homes are affordable - it's part of what makes them so very popular! The opportunity to customize them and still manage to maintain a budget is something that makes them so wildly enticing, and the same goes for planned communities. There are two general ways to operate within planned communities. One way is to own the manufactured home and then simply rent the land that the home is placed on. If you don't own a manufactured home, many communities offer the option of renting both the home and the lot the home sits on. Both options are still very affordable, and often, still cheaper than renting an apartment! 


Safety is incredibly important when it comes to picking the perfect planned community. There are some misconceptions about what the hierarchy is in a community, and how rules are adhered to, but just like with any apartment complex and most neighborhoods, there are people "in charge". While site built neighborhoods have HOAs, planned communities have community managers, much like an apartment complex. This allows for a peace of mind when it comes to any potential issues that may arise, as well as having a mediator to solve any potential arguments. Essentially - a constant presence if any assistance is needed in any way. Growing in frequency now are planned communities that are gated. With an extra barrier between the community and the outside world, it allows for a better sense of safety!

Community is Emphasized

Often, people seek out planned communities for exactly what they are; a sense of community. For those who are looking for neighbors to make friends with or just a kind community to raise children in, there is sure to be a planned community that directly fits those qualifications. When looking for the right community to move in to, ask about what kinds of group events they may offer or potlucks they may schedule among the inhabitants! There are also specific planned communities that often encourage specific groups to move there. Planned communities exist for different age groups, for example. If living solely around similarly aged people is a big draw for you, look for specific planned communities near you!


Planned communities are known for having excellent amenities, usually ranging from community centers to pools and fitness buildings. While not every planned community is going to have all of these things, it is important to note the things that you can or cannot live without so that list can be addressed when visiting or researching different planned communities. Also be sure to think and ask about what is included with your lot rent, including questions about utilities, trash pickup, and whether or not the community is accepting and designed to be pet friendly. The amenities of the community at large can be just as important as the home itself! Pick a community that checks as many of your boxes as possible.

Every planned community will be slightly different, offering different prices, amenities, and even different community types. Don't forget to ask about the rules that each community has to make sure that they are the ones you feel comfortable living with. There is the perfect community out there for everyone, and with a little research and time spent looking for the right fit will make itself known to you! 

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