Triad Financial Services Open Lot Inventory Insurance Program

Triad Financial Services, Inc. understands that a Manufactured Home Dealer's inventory is vital to their business. Insuring this inventory at a reasonable rate can be accomplished by purchasing coverage through Triad's Open Lot Inventory Insurance Program.

manufactured home dealership

Whether your inventory is financed through Triad or another manufactured home lender, your inventory can be protected by our program. Our Open Lot Inventory Insurance Program covers your manufactured homes while on your lot, during home set-up or in transit.

Here is an overview of our program:

Insurance Company: Zurich Insurance Company

  • Coverage Valuation: Replacement cost for all new homes, actual cash value for all pre-owned manufactured homes.
  • Coverage Limit: Total value of all inventory that is owned by the dealer or held for sale as inventory or used as models for display, as reported monthly to Triad Financial Service's Insurance Division.
  • Deductibles: For all covered perils EXCEPT for earthquake, named windstorm, tornadoes, and floods, the deductible is $1000 per occurrence.

For the perils of an earthquake, named windstorm, tornadoes, and floods: deductible is 10% of the value of the home subject to a minimum of $2,500 and a maximum of $250,000 per occurrence.

**Any manufactured home dealer may apply for coverage through this program. The dealers are not required to have an existing relationship with Triad Financial Services, Inc.

**Rate/ Premium: Rates vary by state. For best cost analysis please contact a Triad representative.
To learn more about our program and rates please call us at 1-800-522-2013 x 1334, or fill out the contact form and a representative will contact you.