The Triad Story

Triad has a rich history and unparalleled success in providing financing for manufactured homes. The foundation of this success was built when as a family-owned company Triad established itself as a company with the highest quality customer service and credit standards. This foundation was built and fueled with financial expertise along with a company culture that embraced family values. The people at Triad cared about each other and the people they served.

The company that started in 1959 continued to grow and prosper and was purchased by ECN Capital in 2018. ECN Capital understood that Triad’s success was largely due to its company culture and selected one of Triad’s own, Mike Tolbert as the new President of Triad. Mike started in the underwriting department and had worked his way up to Chief Operating Officer of the company by the time ECN Capital purchased Triad.

Mike Tolbert and ECN Capital share a vision of significant growth for Triad which includes investment in talent, structure, process, and technology. Most importantly, he intends to nurture and build on the culture that has made Triad successful today. Mike has been quoted as saying, “Triad’s success has been the result of quality people who have been both passionate and effective in providing quality service to our customers and partners.” This includes a significant investment in learning and development for people to grow and support Triad’s needs as the company grows.

Triad has many other stories like Mike’s. Stories about people who have grown with the company and been promoted into positions of more responsibility and leadership are prevalent throughout the company. BE the next story and add to Triad’s history.

Triad’s corporate office is in Jacksonville, FL and it has full-service branches in Bourbonnais, IL, and Anaheim, CA.