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Tips for Millennials Looking to Purchase Their First Home

Monday, 25 November 2019

Tags: Home loan services, Home Owner Information, Home Buyer Tips

Purchasing your first home is a big step to take, but it is also a very exciting one! There are so many different guides on first time home buying; but for the millennial generation, purchasing a home looks a bit different than it looked for other generations. Many think that millennials are not purchasing homes, but in fact, for the past few years, millennials have purchased more homes than baby boomers and Gen Xers. So, to join the ranks of other millennial homebuyers settling into their new homes, take a look at these few tips for any millennial looking to purchase a new home.

5 Features Most Homebuyers Want

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Tags: Home Owner Information, Home Buyer Information, Home Owner Tips

Shopping for a new home can be difficult! Everyone has different requirements for what they need out of a home, and often, trying to imagine that list is hard. It can be difficult to think ahead of every feature of a home that is wanted, or even know what is common in today’s manufactured homes, so we have put together this guide on the five features that manufactured home buyers want the most! Use it to jump start your list, and know what to look for in your new home with everything from smart devices to that coveted extra space.

The Level of Insulation in a Manufactured Home - What You Should Know

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Tags: Home Owner Information, Home Buyer Tips, Manufactured Home Myths

When purchasing manufactured homes, there are many questions that can come up. One of these questions is about the amount of insulation of the home. Insulation does a lot of work, so finding a home that has the right amount of insulation is key! There are different levels of insulation in different areas of the home, and the quality of insulation may differ, so Triad has put together this guide for our readers on levels of insulation, and what you should know. 

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