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Assessing the Benefits of an Indirect Lending Program for Credit Unions

August 1, 2017

Tags: Credit Union Information, Lender Information, Indirect Lending

Participating in an indirect lending program for manufactured homes is just one of the strategies a credit union can adopt in order to diversify its loan portfolio and offer its members affordable credit options for financing manufactured home purchases.

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3 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Enjoy Working With a Specialized Manufactured Home Lender

May 9, 2017

Tags: Lender Information, Realtor Information

In addition to the FHFA’s Duty to Serve provisions that support certain segments of the lending industry underserved by mainstream financial institutions, new efforts have been recently made toward eliminating the regulatory burdens that limit the availability of financing alternatives for manufactured homes, according to the MHI.


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Top 7 Reasons Triad Financial Services is the Right Partner for Your Credit Union

December 14, 2016

Tags: Credit Union Information, Lender Information, Indirect Lending

The role of credit unions is more important today than ever before. In a context where the focus remains on the economic and community development, credit unions are part of a concerted effort that goes beyond responding to community needs.

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Top 3 Reasons Banks Offer Manufactured Home Loans To Their Customers

November 21, 2016

Tags: Credit Union Information, Lender Information

Despite the continuous efforts made by government agencies, financial institutions and organizations like the MHI, FHFA and CFED to facilitate consumer access to more affordable loan products, loans for smaller homes are still hard to come by. But things are changing rapidly, even as we speak. To address the financial needs of different categories of home buyers, increasing numbers of banks have started to add smaller loans like manufactured home loans to their portfolios.

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