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Profitable Portfolios

Triad Financial Services - one of the top consumer lenders in the nation - offers one of the most profitable portfolio available in today's market. With our stringent lending criteria and turn-key operation, your financial institution will enjoy higher yields through high-quality secured loans. Triad provides:

  • 700 (Plus) FICO score.
  • 400 basis points higher yield than comparable securities.
  • 100% PRIME credit risk buyers.
  • 50+ year track record.
  • 125+ lending partners.
  • Triad-funded cash reserves held at your institution
  • 6.90% Average Yield.
  • Full Servicing Available

We form strategic alliances with financial institutions who want to enter the lucrative manufactured home finance industry but do not want to invest in the personnel and facilities necessary to compete in regional markets.

With Triad, you'll book loan volume with little or no effort - by outsourcing the bulk of the work to us while enjoying excellent return on paper that meets your lending standards.

It's Simple. We do the work. You reap the rewards.

  • Triad Financial Services has been a valued participant in Bank Assetpoint® service since its launch. The consistent feedback from our bank participants, and our own sales team has been overwhelmingly positive. Participants have noted in particular the professionalism of the Triad team, the familiarity with bank regulation, and the credit quality of their loans.
    Richard Walter Senior Managing Director, Head of Bank Assetpoint®
  • We currently have a Triad loan portfolio in excess of $40 million, and we are very pleased with the overall performance. The entire Triad staff has been great to work with.
    Chris Murphy Lending Manager, Credit Union of Texas
  • Fidelity Bank has been purchasing loans from Triad since 2003. We have been very pleased with the quality and performance of the portfolio. The Triad staff, management, and ownership have been tremendous to work with from day one. This has been a great relationship, and we look forward to the future with a truly outstanding business partner.
    Mark Sikes Executive Vice President, Fidelity Bank