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3 Tips To Eliminate Risk When Offering Manufactured Home Financing

Friday, 14 April 2017

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Since the financial crisis of 2007, loan portfolio management methodologies have undergone a tremendous transformation, partly due to a series of new rules and regulations such as the regulatory framework set forth by the CSBS.

Nowadays, leading industry influencers argue that loan portfolio and risk management is going to experience even more sweeping changes in the next few years. Whether we refer to new regulations, advances in technology or macroeconomic shocks, a financial institution that provides manufactured home financing must be prepared for any of these changes if it wants to be successful.

Financing Manufactured Homes: A Successful Community Development Plan for Credit Unions

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Tags: Credit Union Tips, Financing Information

Over the past decade, credit unions have become emerging players in the development of communities in need of affordable housing and lending solutions. As credit unions are designed specifically to meet the unique credit requirements of the people who live in communities underserved by mainstream financing, most of them have started to function as lending partners in various community financing initiatives.

One of these initiatives involves financing manufactured homes, which deliver an affordable housing alternative that meets the financial needs of many hard-working Americans. In this post, we’re going to talk about how financing manufactured homes can be a successful community development strategy for a credit union.

Top 3 Reasons Credit Unions Offer Manufactured Home Financing To Their Members

Friday, 24 February 2017

Tags: Credit Union Tips, Financing Information

The US is currently facing an unprecedented housing shortage, which is quickly developing across the country. In addition, the housing crisis is exacerbated by a savings crisis, according to Bankrate. Quite surprisingly, these two crises don’t just affect the lower socio-economic classes, as many would assume. In a recent article published by Wired, housing experts admit that even “a family that makes $100,000 can’t afford to buy a house” in a major metropolitan area.

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