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Renting or Buying a Manufactured Home: Which is the Smarter Choice?

November 1, 2023

Renting or Buying a Manufactured Home: Which is the Smarter Choice?

Are you at a crossroads, trying to decide between buying a manufactured home and renting a standard one? We can’t blame you. After all, it’s an important decision that can significantly impact your financial future, so it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Weighing the options, though, there are a number of reasons why buying a manufactured home is the better choice, both upfront and in the long term.


Of course, the simple subject of dollars and cents is going to end up at the forefront of any investment discussion. Simply looking at the long-term numbers, purchasing a manufactured home is a far better option than renting a more conventional one.  When you buy a manufactured home, you're making an investment in your future. Unlike renting, where your monthly payments go straight into your landlord’s pocket, owning a manufactured home means you can build on your own wealth through appreciation. 

While some may argue that manufactured homes don't appreciate in value as quickly as traditional homes, it's essential to take the current housing market and location into consideration. If you play your cards right, waiting for a solid housing market and setting up camp on a solid piece of real estate, your manufactured home may show some remarkable potential for appreciation. At the end of the day, this means a solid return on your initial investment, so you can either continue living on your great piece of property or sell/trade it for a profit.

Building Equity

In a similar financial vein, it’s important to remember one of the most significant advantages of buying a manufactured home: the opportunity to build equity. With each mortgage payment you make, your ownership stake in your home increases. Over time, this can lead to substantial financial benefits that renting simply can't offer. In addition to building equity, manufactured homes can have excellent resale value. With proper maintenance and upkeep, you can sell your home for a handsome profit when the time comes to move on.


Unfortunately, renting a more conventional piece of property puts you entirely at the mercy of your landlord. While most landlords won’t do anything to destabilize you on purpose, they’re still looking to maximize their return on the investment of their rental property, and that doesn’t always mean good things for you. For example, they may decide to sell the property, raise the rent, or make changes to the property that you may not agree with. Owning a manufactured home gives you stability and complete control over your living situation. You’re free to make improvements and renovations without seeking permission, and don’t have to worry about having the rug suddenly pulled out from under you, creating a sense of permanence and security.

Community Living

Many manufactured homeowners choose to gather in manufactured home communities. These communities offer a sense of camaraderie and belonging that can be hard to find in more traditional neighborhoods, and are an invaluable experience for all involved. With shared amenities like pools, clubhouses, and social events, you'll be able to build lifelong friendships and enjoy a vibrant community atmosphere unlike any other. 

It’s certainly a different experience than the neighborhoods you may be used to, but we believe that it gives far more opportunities for real, authentic human connection, and at the end of the day, that’s what we all really want in life, so simply having this opportunity makes owning a manufactured home worth it.

Sense of Ownership

Finally, there’s one thing that stands above everything else in the argument of buying vs. renting: the feeling that comes from owning your home. The simple fact that you own your manufactured home without the need for landlords, rent, and the like, is enough to instill a profound sense of pride and accomplishment in anyone. Ultimately, you’re creating an entirely unique place that perfectly reflects your personality and values, and that’s enough to bring just about anyone a feeling of joy and fulfillment.

At the end of the day, when it comes to choosing between buying a manufactured home or renting a standard one, we believe the choice is clear. Buying a manufactured home offers financial stability, customization options, and a sense of ownership that renting simply can't match. So, if you're looking for a friendly, affordable, and smart choice, consider the many advantages of purchasing a manufactured home. Your future self will thank you!

Of course, if you need help financing the manufactured home of your dreams, we’ve got you covered.

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