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Manufactured Homes Have Caught the Eyes of Millennials

Friday, 4 December 2020

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Millennial homebuyers have finally become the dominating force in the housing market. But one important aspect is that these homebuyers prefer different types of homes in different types of neighborhoods than their parents and grandparents did. Unlike previous generations, which predominantly bought conventional homes in big cities, millennials prefer factory-built homes that are located in the suburbs or rural areas. To better understand the trends that are shaping the housing market right now, let’s take a look at the most important factors that influence millennials to purchase a manufactured home.  

5 Benefits of Living in a 55+ Manufactured Home Community

Monday, 30 November 2020

Tags: Manufactured Homes, affordable housing, Home Buyer Information, senior living

Compared to other independent living options, 55+ manufactured home communities are often able to better serve the active generations of older adults. Despite some common misconceptions, most of these communities are conveniently located in picturesque suburban or rural settings and have spacious lots complemented by amazing views of ponds, lakes, or forests. In addition to beautiful landscapes, living in a senior manufactured home community comes with lots of perks. Here are the top 5 benefits of moving to one of these communities. 

Manufactured Home Loans: Assessing Diversification's Effects on Liquidity

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Tags: financial portfolio, Loan Portfolio Improvement Tips, Credit Union Tips

Due to the stimulus packages designed to help families during the pandemic, credit unions have seen a steep increase in deposits. But higher volumes of deposits bring on a new challenge; namely, finding new investment opportunities that allow credit unions to deploy their excess liquidity into higher earning assets.

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