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Reasons to Buy a Manufactured Home During the Current Health Crisis

Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Tags: Manufactured Homes, Lender Information

Due to the global health crisis we’re facing, now may seem like a weird time to buy a house. But even though the current economic downturn has affected and will likely continue to affect different industries, businesses as well as the financial lives of thousands of people, experts agree that buying a home right now may be one of the best decisions you could make in life.

Credit Union’s Portfolio Diversification: Why You Need It and How You Can Achieve It

Friday, 25 September 2020

Tags: loan portfolio, Credit union, Credit Union Information

For financial institutions like banks and credit unions, loans are a primary source of revenue as well as risk. One way to manage credit risk effectively is to implement different diversification strategies. Besides reducing the risk inherent in loan portfolios, diversification allows financial institutions to lower the risk of their overall activities and maximize returns. 

Is Buying a Manufactured Home a Good Investment Opportunity in 2020?

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Tags: Home Buyer Information, Manufactured Home Myths

If you’re planning to ditch apartment living and move to a community surrounded by beautiful landscapes, a manufactured home might be the solution you’re looking for. Although many manufactured home communities are located in beautiful places across the country, one question you probably ask yourself is whether or not buying a manufactured home represents a good investment. This question stands out as particularly pertinent to the economic crisis we’re currently facing. 

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