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How a Dedicated Manufactured Home Lender Can Help You Get a Loan During the Pandemic

August 21, 2020

Tags: Lenders, Lender Tips, Indirect Lending

Whether you're looking for manufactured home financing or refinancing options, understanding how the home buying and closing process has changed due to the economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic is imperative in order to obtain a manufactured home loan that perfectly fits your financial situation.

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Why Manufactured Home Loans Make Sense For Your Lending Portfolio Strategy

May 28, 2019

Tags: Loan Portfolio Improvement Tips, Credit Union Tips, Indirect Lending

For any bank or credit union looking to improve their investment portfolio over the next few years, manufactured home loans pose a unique opportunity. Manufactured home loans offer more flexibility and higher yields than traditional mortgages, and despite some myths about manufactured homes, they are actually in high demand these days. Here's why you need to be thinking about manufactured home loans for the future of your portfolio.

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Rise Above Your Lending Risks With Indirect Lending Manufactured Home Loans

March 25, 2019

Tags: Credit Union Tips, Lender Information, Indirect Lending

Just a decade ago, many people used to prefer site-built construction to manufactured homes particularly due to the stigma of “trailer” living that was erroneously associated with manufactured housing. Because manufactured homes have evolved significantly over the years, they’re completely different from the old-style factory-built housing types. In fact, modern manufactured homes comply with the same quality, safety and design standards as a conventional site-built house. As a result, manufactured homes provide one of the best solutions to the current affordable housing crisis.

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Is Your Financial Institution Ready for Manufactured Home Loans- Indirect Lending Innovation

February 4, 2019

Tags: Loan Portfolio Improvement Tips, Lender Tips, Indirect Lending

Indirect loans can be very convenient for financial institutions and borrowers alike. Concisely, an indirect lending program provides access to a wider pool of potential borrowers, while helping people secure the loans they need without having to shop around for various lenders.

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