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HUD Sees Manufactured Homes as a Solution to Affordable Housing

July 26, 2019

HUD Sees Manufactured Homes as a Solution to Affordable Housing

It’s no secret that we are still in a state of crisis when it comes to obtaining affordable housing. The current administration has made this a priority to solve this crisis by recognizing the affordability of today’s manufactured homes. In the past, manufactured homes have been presented by road blocks that have made this affordable option a difficult one to obtain. 


One way that manufactured homes are solving this problem is by giving access to affordable housing that isn’t subsidized. Low income communities that average $30-$50K a year are now pursuing the American Dream with affordable home ownership. Manufactured homes. 


Lack of Healthy Homes

Within these communities HUD has found that healthy homes are scarce. By opening the opportunity to increase manufactured housing communities within these areas, affordable healthy housing will be made available to those in need of it, without the use of subsidized housing. HUD has stated this will save taxpayer dollars. 

Along with building these communities, MHI (Manufactured Housing Institute) has noted that if more manufacturers take advantage of the Opportunity Zones tax relief act of 2017, this will help those struggling communities by increasing job development and building upon its economic growth. This strategy is not only good for the manufacturer, but for all involved. 


A Misunderstood Industry

It’s no secret that our industry is misunderstood. Many consumers think that our state of the art housing option is for the low-income households only. However as we have experienced over the years, especially in the recent decade, is this: today’s manufactured home is not the mobile home of the 80s.

Today’s manufactured homes have the same options as one might see in a site built home: granite countertops, luxurious master baths, exquisite laundry rooms, barn doors, etc. It has also been said by the less informed that manufactured homes are not efficient. Today’s manufactured homes come with efficient appliances as well as energy saving construction. 

HUD is helping to educate future and current homeowners as well as policymakers by featuring these homes at HUD’s inagural Innovative Housing Showcase which was presented this past June. 


Fixing the Burden of Regulation

MHI has worked tirelessly to educate policy makers as well as the office of HUD about the outdated code that is still in play today.  The costs of unnecessary regulatory costs are being passed onto the consumer. Even HUD Secretary, Carson has said himself that the ‘regulations are ridiculous.’ This is an area that can be improved upon and a streamlined process be put in place of today’s code. 

Today manufactured homes make up 10% of today’s housing. If we all work together, this number could be increased significantly, allowing more families to experience homeownership without the heavy burden of not being able to truly afford it. 


Affordable Housing Shouldn’t Be Missed

Because of their affordability, manufactured homes are allowing more people to obtain the dream of home ownership. Costs of site-built homes range from $93.00 - $148.00 per square foot. Manufactured housing costs range less than $49.00 per square foot.

Manufactured Home Stats

*Chart provided by Direct Homes

One has to ask, “Why pay more?” Get the energy saving construction and appliances, stylish amenities as you would with a site - built home at a fraction of the cost. These homes are being provided in planned communities, not run-down trailer parks. They have been loved by those with acreage as little as 2 acres and as much as 50+ acres. 

This industry is not limited to one demographic, it is open to all that want affordable housing that makes sense.   

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