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When Should You Start Preparing Your Spring Garden

May 17, 2017

When Should You Start Preparing Your Spring Garden

If you’re planning to turn your garden into an oasis of relaxation this summer, spring is the ideal time to work the soil and plant your favorites. However, many manufactured home owners are unaware of the fact that preparing the soil at exactly the right time is one of the most important steps in growing a beautiful garden.

Although nurseries already make available a wide variety of flowers, plants, shrubs and trees, the growing season is yet to start in some areas of the country.

To help you achieve the best results, we’ve gathered below a few essentials you'll need to consider.


The Right Time to Prepare the Soil

According to experts, early spring is the most favorite time of the year for many people when it comes to gardening. However, working the garden soil too early can have disastrous consequences.

First, it can damage the soil structure. Preparing the soil when it’s too wet will result in large, hard clumps that can be very difficult to break apart into loose, aerated soil later on. And as we all know, the soil must be smooth and aerated enough in order to absorb water and organic matter.

Second, hard clumps of soil provide an inhospitable environment for both seeds and plant roots. Compacted soil can make it hard for plant roots to grow and get the oxygen they need to stay healthy, process nutrients and thrive. Since this can slow down your plants’ growth and even kill them, any activities that could compact your garden soil should be avoided.

How can you ensure the soil is dry enough to be worked? Just grab a handful of soil and compress it. If it keeps its shape, breaks into solid, big clumps or feels slick when rubbed, it’s still too wet. If it shatters easily, it is dry enough to be prepared for planting.

Working and amending the soil at the right time will improve its structure, enhance its water- and nutrient-holding capacity, and increase its fertility. All these will transform your garden into a lush and verdant oasis.


The Right Time for Planting Flowers, Plants and Shrubs

Planting all the flowers, plants and shrubs at the same time is a relatively minor mistake. But this mistake could cost you the dream of having an amazing garden.

For the best results, it’s good to know the last frost date for your area and develop a planting schedule accordingly, says Mother Earth News Magazine.

As an example, cool-season plants and flowers like Ranunculus will grow best when sown a week or two before the typical last frost. Warm-season plants, on the other hand, can be killed by frost if the seeds are sowed too early. The National Climatic Data Center is a reliable resource you can use to check the average last frost date for your location.

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