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Shopping for a Manufactured Home: 5 Questions to Ask

October 24, 2019

Shopping for a Manufactured Home: 5 Questions to Ask

When buying a manufactured home, just like when buying almost anything else, there are questions that need to be asked! With purchasing a home, which is a massive investment, there can seem like there are a million questions that need to be asked. While any question is a valid one, we have narrowed it down to these top 5 questions that should always be asked when thinking about making a manufactured home purchase ranging from questions about electrical capacity, to plumbing, warranties, and ownership laws and setup. 

1. What is the electrical capacity?

Before purchasing your manufactured home, it is incredibly important to know how well it can handle electricity. The amp capacity of a manufactured home determines how well appliances will work within the confines of the manufactured home. It is also important to note if the electrical wiring is up to standard if the home is older. Aluminum wiring is proof that the wiring in the home is older and should potentially be replaced - it is best to ask an electrician! Another question to ask, and this applies to the area where the manufactured home will be placed, is whether or not the electrical power supply will be enough to support your manufactured home.

2. How well does the plumbing work?

Asking about the plumbing is an important question whether the home is older or new. Determining how well the water, heating and waste works can help to determine whether or not the home is up to the standards that you require. It is also a good idea to ask about piping insulation. This is especially important for homes that will be in colder areas, as well as how many vents the home has. With sewer and water connections, as well as utility hookups, it is good to ask ahead of time where those connections are located and if they require any additional hardware to connect them to the appliances.

3. What are the ownership laws?

Ownership laws vary from state to state, so it is important to know about them ahead of time! One question to ask, or know about is whether or not the state you are in requires having a title for the home. Some states do, and other states don't! If the purchase is being done privately, an important question to ask is whether or not they have the title to give to you after the purchase is complete. This is a common concern with older homes. If you are financing the home, you will need the proper documentation to give to the lender for home loan services.  Another question that comes with ownership laws is what are the specifications for your foundation as well as any other home specs that are mandated by law in the state you plan on residing in. 

4. Warranty

Everyone loves a good warranty, and warranties for your manufactured home are no different. When buying new manufactured home, ask about warranty offers! Know what the warranty offers you, and know for how long those warranties are good for. For older homes, ask if any warranties still apply and if so, how much longer is the warranty good for. 

5. What is the setup?

Setup is the final step in a home purchase scenario, and oftentimes, it can be the hardest! For homes that are being purchased brand new, ask the dealer what they can offer in the way of site preparation and setup. Ask about things such as anchors, air conditioning, sewer and water hookups, delivery fees, tires, and re-leveling. Many dealers will offer some, all or none of these options to assist with the setup of your new home. Asking won't hurt! More information on site preparation can be found here.

With these base questions, you will get the information you need to ensure that there are no surprises after purchase. Knowing where you stand with your manufactured home allows for peace of mind and reassurance that there will not be any budget-breaking shocks after the purchase has already been organized and followed-through. 

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