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Benefits of Living in a Manufactured Home Community

February 7, 2020

Benefits of Living in a Manufactured Home Community

Living in a manufactured home community is a wonderful choice, for a variety of reasons. Many may not be aware of how many benefits there really are, and so they overlook how good of a choice it could be to live in a manufactured home community. In order to ensure that any buyers are completely aware of all of the reasons they should live in a manufactured home community, Triad has put together this guide on the benefits, ranging from amenities to a sense of community, to safety, affordability, and even helping the environment!


Manufactured home communities can be very similar to condominiums when it comes to all the amenities that they offer! Most will have some kind of community center, and some will even have pools and fitness buildings! Shopping around in different communities can give you an idea about what amenities you can or cannot live without, and each one will offer different benefits! Also important to ask about in planned communities is what is included! Many will include things like utilities and trash pickup - another benefit to living in a manufactured home community.

Sense of Community

Community is important! Many homeowners look into manufactured home communities because of their close-knit communities. There are neighbors to make friends with, the possibilities of children having peers their own age, or even a community where everyone is above a certain age, like the 55 and up! There are also a lot of communities that offer different social or activity clubs. Whatever kind of community is being sought, there is guaranteed to be the perfect space for any scenario. Manufactured home communities are plentiful, so it does not have to be one and done. Search for the one that fits your needs best!


Safety is a huge part of looking into living in manufactured home communities. Similar to condominiums, these communities often have someone in charge, who looks after all of the residents and ensures that everything is running smoothly. They are also a guaranteed constant presence, which is a bonus for anyone who wants to feel more secure in their community! More than that, there are also normally gates around these manufactured home communities which add an extra layer of safety and protection around the clock. Not only are they safe in the idea of the community being safe, but the houses themselves are also safe! All manufactured homes are required to be built according to regulations and standards set out by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Each piece of the home is covered when it comes to this, from heating and AC, plumbing, electrical, structural design, etc.


Manufactured homes, and the lots that they sit on, are far more affordable than living in a site-built house or a condo! Manufactured homes are, generally, about 50 percent less per square foot than a site-built home! The best part is that buyers still have the ability to customize their homes and maintain a budget. While many in manufactured home communities own their homes and simply pay lot rent, there are many who pay the rent on their home and the lot rent, and are still able to save money!

Help the Environment

In today's climate, it is so important to think about the environment! Luckily, manufactured homes are doing just that. Creating and building a manufactured home produces up to 90 percent less waste than building a site-built house! Many of the appliances, as well as the heating, cooling, and utility components, are energy-efficient, which not only helps save the planet, but it saves your wallet as well!

There are many more benefits than the ones listed here, but these are some of the biggest perks to living in a manufactured home community! Similar to living in an apartment complex or condominium, there are a ton of amenities, and a great sense of community and safety, but you have the added benefit of it being affordable, private, and helping the environment while you do so! For more information on manufactured homes and why they are a great choice, contact us today.

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