5 Features Most Homebuyers Want

Thursday, 14 November 2019

5 Features Most Homebuyers Want

Shopping for a new home can be difficult! Everyone has different requirements for what they need out of a home, and often, trying to imagine that list is hard. It can be difficult to think ahead of every feature of a home that is wanted, or even know what is common in today’s manufactured homes, so we have put together this guide on the five features that manufactured home buyers want the most! Use it to jump start your list, and know what to look for in your new home with everything from smart devices to that coveted extra space.

Smart Devices

Smart devices have seen a boom in recent years, and they are a welcome addition to most any home! Whether or not a smart device is built into the home already, many are looking to ensure that smart home devices are capable of working with the way that the home already runs. Smart devices can control everything from temperature to security to lighting, all by the power of a voice or the touch of a button on an app! Make your future life easier by looking for these devices today!

Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans are extremely well-liked for a wide variety of reasons. Open floor plans make any space feel larger, but they also increase brightness with the use of natural light that can flow from one area to another. Open floor plans are increasingly common in manufactured homes in today’s day and age, making it a feature that everyone is clamoring for. Open floor plans allow for a sense of unity, even when people are in different areas of the home, and it is great for entertaining. 

Kitchen Features

Kitchens are vital to a good home life, and it is also one of the key selling points on any home. Kitchens now, falling in with the open floor plan idea, are often large, and open, doing away with the cramped kitchens of the past. Kitchens today also often have special cosmetic amenities such as granite countertops, energy efficient appliances, and state of the art ultra-modern light fixtures. Kitchens are also key when it comes to maintaining, or even increasing, re-sale value. Looking for little things such as granite countertops and beautiful fixtures can be an instrumental bargaining point later on down the road. 

Bathroom Features

Unsurprisingly, bathrooms are also vital to a good home life, and maintain their status as one of the key home selling points. Modern manufactured homes have incredible, large open bathrooms that can be customized with features ranging from garden tubs to amazon rain showers. These features may sound expensive and wildly out of price range, but they are actually incredibly affordable within manufactures homes. On top of this, modern manufacturing has allowed for manufactured homes to have a smaller carbon footprint and be vastly more environmentally friendly, meaning that you will save money and do your part to help the environment!

Extra Space

Extra space is important for everyone. Moving can be difficult, and trying to fit everything in the right place takes time. Luckily, having extra space is something that is very common in today’s manufactured homes! Not only is there more cabinet space in the kitchens, but storage sheds, decks, and front porches are something that is becoming more and more common! 

From energy efficient appliances to a front porch to relax on, today’s manufactured homes are filled with amenities and features that make life much easier and affordable! When looking for a new home, these five features are something that most manufactured homebuyers want - and luckily, they are the features that are becoming more and more common, if not the standard, in today's manufactured homes.


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