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Interior Design Ideas to Transform Your Manufactured Home

July 13, 2017

Interior Design Ideas to Transform Your Manufactured Home

Upgrading the interior of your manufactured home is one of the few things you can do to give it a brand new look and maximize its market value. But your home improvement project doesn’t have to be complex or expensive in order to deliver the best results.

In fact, by opting for some simple interior design ideas, such as the ones we’ve gathered below, you can take your manufactured home from ordinary to extraordinary.

Address Design Challenges

Although manufactured home builders make available a variety of floor plans and layouts, most homes share a series of features that can turn interior decorating into a difficult task. These features can range from low ceilings, small rooms, narrow areas and short windows to identical bathroom and kitchen layouts.

However, there are a few simple interior design ideas that can help you overcome all these challenges. As an example, painting your walls and ceiling the same color, opting for a softer, cooler color palette and choosing smaller pieces of furniture can create the illusion of more space and higher ceilings.

Also, applying a high-gloss finish to an accent wall can make a small room appear bigger and more balanced. For a more dramatic change, interior designers recommend creating an accent wall using wallpaper, which has made a huge comeback over the past few years.   

Coming down to short windows, you can make them look taller by installing the curtain rods as close as possible to the ceiling. If there is too much space between the top of the window and the rod, place a cornice board, lambrequin or valance to fill in the gap.

Additionally, you can use a few interior design ideas to give your kitchen and bathroom a facelift. For instance, painting the inside of your kitchen cabinets a vivid color and upgrading the wood doors to glass will re-energize the entire space, while adding more depth and personality to your kitchen.

The easiest way to give your bathroom a new, more luxurious look is to apply faux-stone treatment to the vanity top or replace it with natural stone. You can also add a new tile floor and replace the light fixtures and hardware components, including door pulls, knobs and hinges, with new ones.

Replace Old Floors

There’s no better way to upgrade the interior of a manufactured home than with a new floor. But whether you prefer vinyl flooring, wall-to-wall carpet or hardwood floor, it’s important to consider the best flooring alternative for every room in your home before you make the final decision. In warmer and humid climates, ceramic tile flooring seems to be the preferred choice because it keeps the homes cooler in the summer, while providing a great layer of protection against water.  

Add Surprising Decor Elements

Complementing your interior with different decor elements can bring your home to life. Some great interior design ideas include adding colorful throw pillows, replacing area rugs and wallpapering old vinyl window shades in complementary color palettes and patterns.

As you can see, there are many interior design ideas you can use to put your personal stamp on your manufactured home and make it stand out from the crowd. However, if you don’t know where to start, it’s better to consult an interior designer, who can help you make the right decisions and come up with a cohesive plan that will ensure a pulled-together finished look.

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