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5 Tips For Making Your Manufactured Home Energy Efficient this Winter

December 27, 2019

5 Tips For Making Your Manufactured Home Energy Efficient this Winter

Normally, there is a direct correlation between the temperature dropping and the rise in utility bill costs. While this usually is the norm, it doesn't have to be! There are a few tips and tricks that can be used to make a home more energy-efficient during the winter months from monitoring the thermostat, to sealing the home air-tight, to letting the sun do the work! Without any more delays, here are the 5 tips for making your manufactured home energy efficient this winter season. 

Monitor Thermostats

When it comes to the winter months, the knee jerk response may be to crank the heat to ward off the winter shivers. However, the higher the thermostat is set, the more energy your home is consuming, and the higher your bill will be! Keeping the thermostat between 60 and 70 degrees will give the perfect temperature to your home, and each degree lower the thermostat is set, is around 5% of savings on energy! Another tip is to change the temperature based on time! When you are not in the home, it is pointless to heat it to the same level that you do when you are there. Lower the temperature during the day to save a little bit of energy, and raise it when you return home! Smart thermostats are the perfect way to do this, allowing them to adjust the temperature for you.

Seal Your Home

Closing your home to the elements means that there won't be any nagging cold winds blowing through your home and lowering the temperature, forcing the heat to kick in. This can be done in a variety of ways! The most obvious way is to close all of your doors. Even a door that is cracked can have a huge impact on how much heat is escaping outside! If all doors are sealed and you are still feeling a breeze, look into air leaks. Frames of doors and windows are notorious for having holes or tears, but they can be easily patched, so don't fret! The third tip with sealing your home is to be sure you are not blocking air vents. Even in rooms that may not need the heat, leave the vents open to prevent the heater from working extra time to blow against the resistance that the closed vent is presenting it. 

Enjoy the Sun

While it may seem like the sun is far weaker during the winter months, it's not! The sun can have a big impact on the temperature within your home. Make use of the work that it is doing by opening blinds and allowing for the natural light to seep in and provide a little extra warmth at no cost! This means that your heat will have to do less work to keep your home warm, giving your utility bill a break in the long run.

Use Fireplaces

Fireplaces can be the quintessential winter heating element. Nothing says winter like curling up in front of a warm fire, on a chilly night. Not only is it nice but it is also the perfect way to turn down the heater and use natural heat to warm your home. Before roasting marshmallows on an open fire, however, be sure to make sure that your chimney is clean and free of any built-up ash or soot. Also, be sure that after each use, the flue is closed to prevent any cold air from getting in!

Monitor Water Temperature

Nothing beats a warm shower after a cold day, but raising the temperature is not the best choice! The higher the temperature is raised, the higher the utility bill will be. Water heaters account for up to 18% of energy consumption of a home, so keeping the temperature at 120 degrees is the best temperature for maximum energy efficiency. 

To save yourself some money and peace of mind, implement these small changes! Most require little to no effort and can make a big difference between a very high utility bill and one that is still manageable. On top of that, saving energy and reducing your carbon footprint can be a great way to make your home more eco-friendly in the long run! For more tips and tricks on everything to do with manufactured homes, be sure to look further into the many news postings that Triad has made!


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