Registration Tips Before You Begin

Before you begin please clear your cache, cookies and temp files from your browser.

User Name - Cannot include special characters and cannot be duplicated in the system. Therefore, the name you've chosen may already have been used. If this occurs you will get an error message "invalid credentials". Please try your registration again with something unique.

Example: JSmith may already be in use so please try JSmith12345

Password - Must adhere to the rules displayed (see below). When the below list first appears ALL items will have a RED box next to it. As you successfully complete each item the boxes will turn Green.

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Servicing Digital Screens

First time customer
Click "Register Your Account"


You will then be taken to this page:


Once entered this screen will appear


You will receive a 6 digit code that you will need to enter.
You will see this screen once you've entered you verification code correctly.


After clicking "close" you will need to establish your new user id and password.
Once everything is entered click "Yes, I agree" to the Terms and Privacy Policy and then click CONTINUE


If you receive an error regarding credentials, see page one of this document for tips on registration.


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