Homeowners Insurance

Triad Financial Services, Inc. has been helping homeowners achieve their dreams with financing their manufactured homes since 1959. We have expanded that assistance by providing manufactured homeowners with our homeowners insurance policy. You, the homeowner have achieved your dream, let us help you protect that dream with comprehensive homeowners insurance policy.

Triad Financial Services, Inc. has been appointed with both national and regional carriers to ensure coverage is available to all states of homeowners of manufactured homes.

The home insurance policy provides protection against fire, theft, thunderstorm, hailstorm and lightning, explosion, building collapse, vandalism and flood coverage. Flood coverage is required in some areas (Flood zones A and V) and is available in all areas through our Insurmark program.

Coverage for new and pre-owned homes are based on the replacement cost value of the home. Replacement cost is the dollar value it costs to replace the home at current prices. The home must be insured to at least 80% of the cost of the new home. Payment, in the event of a loss, is limited to the maximum dollar amount indicated on the policy (dwelling value).

Older homes are covered based on their actual cash value (ACV), which is the amount to replace the home or item minus depreciation. Depreciation is the estimated decrease in value over time due to wear and tear, aging and other related factors.


Homeowners Insurance Policies are considered package policies, which bundles property and liability coverages. Coverages listed below are included on all Homeowner insurance policies automatically:

  • Dwelling: Coverage on the structure of the house.
  • Other structures: Covered at a percentage of the dwelling limit. This covers: garages, sheds, gazebos etc. Typical homeowners insurance policy limit is set at 10-20% of the home value. ( Percentages vary by carrier - Insurmark has highest at 20%)
  • Personal Property: Contents of your home. Limit typically 40-50% of the dwelling limit. This includes furniture, appliances and clothing.
  • Loss of Use: When a loss occurs in the home and it becomes uninhabitable, the cost of additional living expenses (i.e., renting a hotel room) is covered to maintain a normal standard of living.
  • Personal Liability: This coverage protects you against financial loss if you are sued and found legally responsible for someone else’s injury or property damage. Insured policyholder can choose limits up to $300,000. Base limit included on all policies is $50,000. 
  • Medical Payments: If a guest is injured on the homeowner’s property, this provides emergency room treatment etc.  A :”Good Guy” coverage, the carrier pays a claim on the insured's behalf regardless of fault. This often helps avoid future claims down the road if injury payment is addressed immediately. Limits range from $1,000-$5,000 per person, per accident.
  • Deductibles: This is the amount the insured policyholder must pay in a loss before any payment is due from the Triad Financial Services,Inc. Our standard perils deductible is set at $500, but can be increased at the insured’s request. Hail and flood deductibles may be higher in coastal areas (usually 2-3% of the dwelling value).

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