Dealer Floor Plan Insurance

Triad Financial Services, Inc. understands that a Manufactured Home Dealer’s inventory is vital to their business. 

Our Dealer Floor Plan Insurance covers your manufactured home while on your lot, during home set-up or in transit, from accidental mishaps like fire, extreme weather, (including flood and wind destruction).


Here is an overview of our program which includes costs and coverage:


Coverage Limit: Inventory Value amount reported to Triad Financial Services, Inc. monthly.

Coverage Valuation: Replacement cost for all new homes, actual cash value for all pre-owned homes.

Coverage Limit:

  • $5,000,000 any one named location each loss, but limited to $300,000 per unit (max value per single home).
  • $50,000,000 in the annual aggregate (all dealers) in respect of earthquake, wind and flood. Each peril considered separately.
  • Includes $300,000 Transit Limit

Deductibles:  For all covered perils EXCEPT for earthquake, named windstorm, tornadoes and floods: Deductible is 5% of the value of each unit involved in the loss, maximum $25,000 per occurrence.

{For the perils of earthquake, named windstorm, tornadoes and floods: $25,000 each loss, event or occurrence. Maximum of $10,000 per location.}

To learn more about our program and rates please call us at 1-844-375-7224.

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**To qualify for our Open Lot Inventory Insurance, the dealer must have a relationship with Triad Financial Services, Inc as an approved manufactured home dealer. Rate/ Premium: Rates vary by state. For best cost analysis please contact our representative.